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Contingency Plan

What is Contingency Plan?

A business contingency plan is a strategy for dealing with unexpected events that may or may not affect a company in the future. In most circumstances, a contingency plan is created to respond to a negative incident that threatens a company’s reputation or perhaps its ability to continue doing business. On the other side, positive contingency plans include what to do if the organization receives unforeseen finances or other resources.

A contingency plan, unlike a risk response plan, is a proactive strategy rather than a reaction to a risk incident. A business contingency plan is in place to account for those disruptive events, ensuring that you are ready if and when they occur.

Contingency plans are an essential component of your entire business continuity strategy since they ensure that your company is prepared for anything. Many major corporations and government agencies develop several contingency plans to ensure that a wide range of potential threats are thoroughly investigated and remedies are thoroughly practised before a crisis occurs.

Consider contingency planning to be a proactive strategy, whereas crisis management, another component of the business continuity puzzle, is a reactive strategy. A contingency plan ensures that you are ready for whatever may transpire, while a crisis management plan equips you to handle the reaction once the event has occurred.

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