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Issue Types

What are an Issue Types?

Problems, gaps, inconsistencies, or conflicts that arise unexpectedly during a project’s life cycle are referred to as issues. Problems with workers or suppliers, technological failures, material shortages, or any other issue that has a negative influence on the project are examples of issues. If concerns are not resolved, the project manager may encounter unneeded disputes, delays, or failures in completing deliverables. Issues might also have an impact on the project’s stakeholder expectations.

This category is described in a variety of ways to assist you in identifying and reporting on the work of your team across your organization. They may assist your team in creating a solid foundation, incorporating the foundation into your working process, and determining the types of challenges.

Multiple issue kinds make it easier to find and organize the work your team does based on who is in charge of problem-solving. You may even assess how well your team responds to bugs or how quickly they accomplish major initiatives by tracking the progress of various sorts of work.

Different types of issues in a service company are as follows:

  • Change: Requesting a change in the current IT profile.
  • IT help: Requesting help for an IT-related problem.
  • Incident: Reporting an incident or IT service outage.
  • New feature: Requesting new capability or software feature.
  • Problem: Investigating and reporting the root cause of multiple incidents.
  • Service request: Requesting help from an internal or customer service team.
  • Service request with approval: Requesting help that requires a manager or board approval.
  • Support: Requesting help for customer support issues.

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