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What is HERMES Method?

HERMES is a project management system for IT, service and product development, and business organization restructuring projects. HERMES facilitates the steering, management, and execution of projects of varying complexity and features. HERMES is a method with a clear, simple structure, a modular design, and the ability to be expanded.

The HERMES approach clarifies project and program management and outlines the activities, outcomes, and needed roles, but it is not the only critical success element for project and program management. It is considered that program principals, supervisors, and coordinators have the requisite abilities to carry out their responsibilities effectively.

HERMES is suitable for a wide range of programs and initiatives. All aspects of modern program and project management are covered by HERMES, including procurement and supplier management, communication and stakeholder management, risk and quality management, change management, agile development, governance, and sustainability. Furthermore, procedures relevant to the program/project are detailed.

HERMES is the standard for all types of Federal Administration initiatives, as well as many cantons, communes, and businesses. The eCH standard for e-government projects and activities is HERMES. Separate reference manuals are available for project and program management.

Also, See: Hybride Methodology

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