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Gray Collar Employee

What is a Gray Collar Employee?

“Gray-collar” employees are individuals who work in a job that includes some level of manual labor alongside a specific set of technical skills. These workers often have an associate degree or special certification that enables them to perform tasks with expertise. They don’t usually have an office or a desk to work on, and their role may require a uniform.

Job categories like Firefighters, paralegals, police officers, non-physician healthcare professionals, child care professionals, and retail and food-service workers all fall here. In fact, these middle-skilled jobs are what the majority of the labor market is bound by. As every job is becoming more reliant on technology, and as automation increases, the Gay-collar job posts are decreasing.

However, you will see that gray-collar jobs are both physical and technical, they’re nearly impossible to fully automate. That means businesses will always need gray-collar workers now. And that need won’t go away any time soon until the machines learn technical skills as well.

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