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Five Factor Model

What is a Five-Factor Model?

Five-Factor Model, also abbreviated as FFM, is an effective tool used to predict employee performance. The five-factor model is even termed as Big Five.

Several organizations also use this tool for other purposes such as recruitment, employee management, and much more.

Most importantly, here are the names of “FIVE” Factors you must know: 

  • Emotional resilience
  • Extraversion 
  • Openness to Experience 
  • Conscientiousness 
  • Agreeableness 

Now, here are the four ways Five-Factor Model comes in handy for companies: 

  • It helps in gauging job satisfaction 
  • It aids in curbing counterproductive behavior 
  • It allows HRs/leaders to ensure effective leadership 
  • It gives a clear picture of one’s career success 

The FFM is certainly utilized because it is a comprehensive measure of personality based on empirical evidence.

Since the model helps recognize specific personality traits, it even assists companies in matching candidates with the right jobs/positions, thereby acquiring desired success in the long run.

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