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Extreme Project Management (XPM)

What is Extreme Project Management (XPM)?

Extreme project management is a method of project management that is used to handle unique or demanding projects. Extreme project management, on the other hand, is based on a flexible approach to management, as opposed to traditional project management, which sets a generally tight set of criteria and review dates to keep a project on track. Extreme project managers lay down some project standards to keep the project on track, but many elements are left open to allow the system to react to changes and new data.

XPM is designed to assist you in managing the unknown – the factors that change and emerge as a project develops. It’s all about providing the intended result, not just the one that was originally planned, at the end of your project. Those who recognize halfway through a project that the original product isn’t quite right to have the option to change the plan. Instead of focusing on completing everything on the first try, teams employing XPM must be willing to make multiple attempts to get it perfect.

How can you tell if your project necessitates the use of extreme project management? Here are some features of extreme projects that you should be aware of:

  • Work that moves at a fast pace
  • Project requirements and outcomes are quite complicated.
  • As the project advances, there are frequent changes to the project requirements.
  • To see what works, take a trial-and-error technique.
  • When things go wrong, the self-correcting process kicks in to bring things back on track.
  • A shift in decision-making away from hierarchy
  • Projects that are driven by people rather than processes (people don’t modify their projects to meet the model; models adapt to fit the project).

If this seems like your line of work, think about XPM and how you can implement it.

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