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What is Project Backlog?

A project backlog is a prioritized and well-organized list of deliverables that fall under the project’s scope. It’s usually a comprehensive list that breaks down the tasks that must be done. Before teams spend too much time preparing the details, the project backlog helps define the scope and identify business priorities.

Teams may not keep the whole task breakdown structure in the project backlog for lengthier projects. Instead, it may concentrate solely on the tasks that must be completed within a particular time frame.

The plan and requirements are the backlog’s foundations. The product owner’s duty is to prioritize the backlog based on feedback from the designers, development team, and clients. Following the creation of the backlog, the development team must maintain a project-specific pace. 

Before planning, it’s critical to examine the backlog to ensure that the priority is correct. Backlog grooming is a word used in project management to describe the process of reviewing the backlog on a regular basis.

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