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What is Requisition?

Requisition is a request for goods or services made by employees to any person or department in an organization responsible for purchasing. The procurement system of goods or services starts with the requisition and moves through the purchasing department to become a purchase order. In this sense, the requisition is also known as a purchase requisition.

A purchase requisition is a form used when one department requests authorization from another. It is always for keeping internal records. A purchase order is a contractual agreement used by organizations when ordering goods and services from any external vendor.

People use a purchase order as a form to order certain products or services. In the requisition procedure, a requisition occurs before the purchase order. Larger organizations can better manage their accounting and money by using requisitions.

Requisition Process

A Purchase requisition form is the first step in the procedure. These are the documents that the buyer creates and submits to the business’s finance department.

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