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360-Degree Survey

What is 360-Degree Survey?

The 360-degree survey, also known as 360-degree review or 360-degree feedback, is the part of performance management mechanism in a company where the employee receives anonymous feedback from the colleagues working with them. This feedback process includes colleagues, peers, managers, employers, or direct reporting managers. In case an employee interacts with the public, the 360-degree mechanism may also include feedback from clients, contractors, suppliers, and vendors.

Managers and team leaders use 360-degree feedback to understand their team’s strengths and weaknesses. This process automatically arranges the result and presents them in a way that helps the feedback recipient create a development plan.

Advantages of 360-degree feedback survey

  • Provides a broader perspective of an employee
  • Creates accountability
  • Creates a better sense of teamwork
  • Identify performance gaps
  • Highlights career development opportunities

Disadvantages of 360-degree feedback

  • Potential to create a negative culture sometimes
  • Inaccuracies
  • Biased assessments

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