Branch Transfer Letter - Format, Meaning, Purpose, Mistakes, Examples, and More
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Branch Transfer Letter – Format, Meaning, Purpose, Mistakes, Examples, and More

June 14, 2022
HR Toolkit
Branch Transfer Letter

A company operating with different branches in different areas or cities often needs to transfer their employees from one branch to another. The reason being, redundancy of an employee in one branch, employee’s skills are no longer relevant to the branch. When a company needs to transfer an employee, a letter is written to inform them about the same which is known as a Branch Transfer Letter.

However, what is a branch transfer? If you want to know about the same, this blog will detail everything from definition to format and examples. Read further to know more.

What is a Branch Transfer Letter?

A letter for branch transfer is a kind of formal communication between an employer and the employee. This letter acts as a way of informing the company’s decision to the employee who is being transferred to another branch.

Oftentimes employees accept the decision happily but many employees have serious issues with it. This letter should address the problems of the employees and then after their solution.

The branch transfer letter includes information such as perks of the transfer, date of joining, and other relevant paperwork. It is very important to keep a note that this letter does not include all the information but must include all the necessary information.

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Purpose of Writing a Letter for Branch Transfer

These types of transfer letters are written to the employees who are being transferred from one branch of the organization to another. The letters’ purpose goes above simple professional kindness.

The transfer letter contains the ground rules of transfer for both the employees and the employer.

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The basis for a Branch Transfer Letter

For successful employee relocations, the motive and purpose for giving transfer letters are crucial.

This paper’s purpose includes the following:

  • Make a written record of the letter for the employee’s personal file.
  • Provide proof that the employees’ pay account is following them correctly.
  • Track the people in every department/branch to ensure that the headcount is proper for staffing needs.

Whether the transfer is done by the employer or is due to the mutual agreement between the employer and the employee, it provides a written physical document of employee transfer from one branch to another.

Mistakes to Avoid While Writing a Branch Transfer Letter

  • Some employers fail to write a clear letter and leave an employee with so many questions unanswered. Since this is a letter meant to provide information, it should contain all the necessary details. 
  • The letter should be to the point and brief
  • The new branch’s  details and location should never be missed on
  • The tone of the employer should show that he/she is ready to support the employee.

When to Write an Employee’s Branch Transfer Letter?

Some of the common situations that require an employer to write this letter are as follows:

  • Employee’s redundancy in the branch 
  • When the skills of the employees are no longer relevant 
  • To approve the request of the employee

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How to Write a Transfer Letter?

Inform the employee

The moment you start writing the letter, inform employees that they are being transferred to another branch. Also, mention the location and date of joining the new branch. Specify the name of the management member who has taken the decision. For example, sometimes the HoD takes the decision of transfer.

With the help of the decision maker, the employee will be able to contact the concerned person if he/she wants to know some more information about the transfer.

Mention the Reason of the Transfer

The employee should be informed of the reason for the transfer as this is the very first question he might ask.

Date of Joining

Since this letter is meant to provide information, the employer should provide the date from which he won’t be working in the current branch.

Mention the Transfer Details and Facilities

The employer should tell the employee what perks he/she will be availed in the new branch. This is important to mention because some employees feel insecure about a change in their workplace location.

Offer your Assistance

Transferring an employee to a new location creates so many problems for the employees like they face difficulty in adjusting to a new environment. The employer who has decided to transfer the employee to the new location should offer assistance to the employee considering their problems and ask him/her to contact them when in need.

Close the Letter Positively

 Just like the other HR letters or professional letters, this letter should also be closed with a positive note. The employer can wish the employee the best of luck for shifting to the new location.

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Branch Transfer Letter to employee

Note: This letter will be useful to you! You can edit it, as your needs and requirements.

Branch Transfer Letter Format

Branch Transfer Letter Format

Branch Transfer Letter Example

Branch Transfer Letter Example

Bonus Tips

  • It is important to convince the employee that they will remain with the company. They are getting transferred just for a few reasons and they need to contribute to the company the way they earlier were. 
  • Ensure that the subject line is precise and brief
  • Always check for grammatical and spelling mistakes
  • Recheck the employee’s information to ensure that it is correct. Information like employee code, benefits, and so on.
  • Make sure that the letter is written in a standard business letter format just like any other business correspondence.


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