Warning Letter for Intoxication at Work - Format, Meaning, Need, Examples, and More
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Warning Letter for Intoxication at Work – Format, Meaning, Need, Examples, and More

June 24, 2022
HR Toolkit
Warning Letter for Intoxication at Work

As we all know, every company is built on some ethics and rules which every employee of the company is bound to follow. And any employee failing to follow those rules and regulations may have to face disciplinary actions which may also include termination. And consuming alcohol or any kind of drugs in the workplace is considered a bad habit and is against the company’s ethics, rules, and regulations, and may lead to employee termination.

In this situation, if an employee is caught consuming drugs or alcohol and conducting any bad behavior at the workplace during working hours, the company needs to issue a warning letter for intoxication. This warning letter must contain the consequence an employee will have to face for his/her behavior.

What is a Warning Letter for Alcohol Consumption at Work?

If you are the HR Manager of your organization and have come across a complaint against an employee who reported to work in a drunken state, then writing a formal warning letter for alcohol consumption to that employee is the right thing you can do. You can get the ready-to-use Warning letters on the HRMS Software offering HR letter templates.

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Why Do You Need a Warning Letter for Intoxication During Working Hours?

Warning letters are issued by the HR department of the organization in order to maintain workplace decorum. Also, this letter is used to preserve the code of conduct during working hours and to call out the employees who are not performing well or conducting any kind of misconduct on the company premises.

If the company fires an employee without issuing a warning letter that would be against the employee’s contract and the company may have to face legal issues. No company wants to indulge in any legal issues. Everyone wants to avoid these issues to uphold their reputation. Don’t You? If yes, then that is precisely why you need to get your hands on the warning letter if you are planning to fire an employee for intoxication.

What to Include in the Intoxication Warning Letter?

A standard letter of warning includes the following information:

  • Name of the employee to whom the warning is being issued.
  • Department or the division to which the employee belongs.
  • Job Title of the employee
  • Day and date of issuing the warning letter 
  • Date of the incident for which the letter is issued 
  • Explain the details of the incident such as alcohol consumption and misbehaving with the staff/client/supervisor.
  • Describe the changes that the employee needs to have to avoid the consequences if the warning is ignored
  • Mention the actions that the company will take if a similar incident happens again. 
  • Remember to be careful about the language and the tone you use in the letter
  • Be clear, precise, and include every important detail of the incident while crafting a warning letter for alcohol consumption at work. 

Warning Letter for Intoxication

Note: This letter will be useful to you! You can edit it, as your needs and requirements.

Warning Letter for Intoxication at Work Format

Warning Letter for Intoxication

Warning Letter for Intoxication at Work Example

Warning Letter for Intoxication Example


Complying with company policies is very crucial to keep up with office decorum. If you find any employee not adhering to the company’s rules and regulations, you need to issue a warning letter.

If you see any employee reporting to the office in a drunken state, you have the complete right to generate a warning letter for intoxication at the workplace. Get access to this letter and hundreds of other HR letters like appointment letters, offer letters, warning letters for poor performance, etc., at UBS – a leading HRMS Software in India. You can not only get HR letters, but even the other important HR Documents like HR emails, policies, forms, and more.

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