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Meeting Reschedule Letter – Format, Meaning, Tips, Examples, and More

October 12, 2022
HR Toolkit
Meeting Reschedule Letter

Imagine this, you wake up on a work day morning ready to attend the meeting that was scheduled a few days back with a client or an employee. As you wake up in the morning, you feel unwell or get stuck into some urgent work due to which you are not able to attend the scheduled meeting.

However, since the meeting is important you need to reschedule the meeting to some other preferable day. No matter how well-planned your week calendar is, you are bound to reschedule the meeting. As a good professional, you’ll need to notify the people who were about to attend the same meeting.

Don’t get afraid, life happens and rescheduling a meeting is not so stressful. A meeting reschedule letter will help you notify the associates of the last minute changes in the plan. You can get a ready to use meeting schedule letter, on UBS HRMS Software that offers a complete HR Toolkit containing all the necessary HR Documents.

This blog will help you know everything about the letter to reschedule the meeting. Read further to know more.

What is a Meeting Reschedule Letter?

The letter for rescheduling a meeting is a polite and formal way of notifying all the meeting associates of the change in plans. This letter contains the reason for the cancellation of the meeting and lets the associates know when and where the meeting will happen. This letter also provides you a space to apologize for the inconvenience caused due to rescheduling.

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How to Write a Meeting Reschedule Letter?

  1. Descriptive Subject Line: The correct way to craft a subject line is to write your name, company name, and date of the meeting before the phrase “Meeting cancellation” or “meeting rescheduling”. It is important to let the recipients know the reason for the letter.
  2. Personalized Letter: If you want to reschedule the meeting with a single person, essentially use his/her name. If the meeting is rescheduled with multiple people, you can address the letter to “everyone”.
  3. Give Advance Notice: Unless it is unavoidable, try to cancel or reschedule the meeting a few days back. It will allow people to readjust their calendars.
  4. Apologize for the Inconvenience: Begin your letter by apologizing for the inconvenience that the rescheduling will cause them.
  5. Describe the Reason for Rescheduling: Give the acceptable reasons for rescheduling the meeting. If the situation is beyond your control, tell them so. If it is because of any other personal reason, explain briefly the reason and apologize again.
  6. Mention the Date and Time: To let the associates know that you’re still interested in meeting, let them know the date and time of the rescheduling. Ask them if the new time will suit them, and if not then ask them for their preferred time.
  7. Thank the Associates for their Consideration: At the end of the letter, thank the employee for understanding your situation.
  8. Send the Letter at Once: It is not at all a good idea to wait for the last moment to dispatch the letter. Show consideration of the associate’s time and send the letter as early as possible.
  9. Follow-up with a Phone Call: If you are canceling the meeting on a short notice, follow the letter with a text message or a phone call. Some people do not check their mail boxes and text messages regularly, so a phone call may be the best option.
  10. Follow-up with an Email to Reschedule the Meeting: Apologize again and remind the associates of the new meeting schedule. Ask the associates to confirm their attendance.

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Tips to Rescheduling a Meeting

  • Inform the meeting associates as soon as possible.
  • Write the letter yourself.
  • The subject line should be as descriptive as possible.
  • Suggest another form of communication.
  • Advice an alternative time and date for the meeting.
  • Apologize sincerely.
  • Show appreciation.

Meeting Reschedule Letter

Note: This letter will be useful to you! You can edit it, as your needs and requirements.

Meeting Reschedule Letter Format

Meeting Reschedule Letter Format

Meeting Reschedule Letter Example

Meeting Reschedule Letter Example

Reschedule your Meetings with Customized Letters at UBS

Oftentimes due to some uncertainty, you might need to change your schedule. If you have a planned meeting, and you need to reschedule it, UBS HRMS Software India has come up with the well-structured, customized Meeting Schedule Letters that are very easy to edit and download. 

With the Letter to Reschedule Meeting, we also provide other HR letters that are required during the onboarding, offboarding, employment, etc. With UBS HRMS Software you can easily smoothen your HR operations.

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