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User Experience

What is User Experience?

The user experience (UX or UE) of a product, system, or service refers to how a user interacts with and experiences it. It includes a person’s thoughts on utility, usability, and efficiency. When it comes to creating and refining products, most companies, designers, and creators prioritize improving user experience since a bad user experience can reduce product usage, as a result, any desired positive effects; on the other hand, designing for profit frequently contrasts with ethical user experience objectives and even causes harm; Designing for profit, on the other hand, frequently contradicts with ethical user experience goals and even causes harm. The viewpoint of the user is subjective. On the other hand, the characteristics that make up the user experience are objective.

A user’s experience with a system can be influenced by a variety of things. To deal with the diversity, elements influencing user experience have been divided into three groups: the user’s current state and previous experience, system attributes, and usage context. During user experience design, it is helpful to understand representative users, working settings, interactions, and emotional reactions.

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