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Unfair Labor Practice

What is Unfair Labor Practice?

Unfair labor practice is a set of all actions taken by unions or employers that are illegal under NLRA – National Labor Relations Act and all other labor laws. The National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) gives the laborers the right to act together to follow the terms and conditions of their employers for the proper functioning of the system by forming a union.

Unfair Labor Practice rules comprise interaction between the worker, the employers, and therefore the union. It protects workers from unfair treatment by employers. The depth list of employer actions is made for interference with an individual employee’s labor rights.

To preserve these employee rights, NLRA has founded some rules and regulations for union negotiation, elections, and other tasks.

The NLRA Protect Labors From Certain Actions From Employers Like :

  • Employers cannot provide illegal assistance or dominate labor unions. They’ll not establish their own union with any labor organization.
  • Interfering the employee to join a union. Most of the time, some employers include supervisors who make question employees, threatening statements, and discuss labor rights.
  • Employers must not refuse to interact in collective bargaining involving unions.
  • Employers can’t discriminate between employees to encourage or discourage membership in any labor organization.
  • Employers can’t replace workers who strike to protect against unfair labour practices.
  • An employer might not discriminate against an employee in terms and conditions of employment even if he or she has filed complaints against him.
  • Making an agreement with a union in which the employer promises to stop doing business with another employer with which the union has a dispute.

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