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What is needfinding?

Needfinding is the process of determining a market need for a solution in product management. The product roadmap will be developed after the product team has recognized this need and confirmed it with potential users.

Needfinding necessitates product teams interacting with clients and observing them in their daily activities. Needfinding is based on the idea that listening to what your consumers ask for will not always reveal their genuine needs. That feedback will only tell part of the picture when it comes to assisting your product team in deciding which product to develop.

As a result, the only way to figure out what individuals require is to observe them in their natural environment and observe how they manage various activities.

How to Conduct Needfinding Research?

  • Frame and PrepareĀ 
  • Watch and RecordĀ 
  • Ask and RecordĀ 
  • Interpret and Reframe

Also, See: Value Proposition

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