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Gantt Chart

What is Gantt Chart?

A Gantt chart is a project management tool that may be used to plan and schedule a variety of projects, but it’s particularly useful for simplifying complex activities. Project management timelines and tasks are displayed in a horizontal bar chart that includes start and finish dates, dependencies, scheduling, and deadlines, as well as the project owner and how much of the task is done in every step.

This may assist in keeping work on track when there is a large team and multiple stakeholders engaged.

You can quickly scan the progress of the project because it is in the form of a bar chart. It is simple to see:

  • A depiction of the full project in visual form
  • All task timelines and deadlines,
  • Links and dependencies between activities,
  • And project stages

Project management software with Gantt chart integration provides managers with visibility into team workloads as well as current and future availability, allowing for more exact scheduling. There are two major reasons why Gantt charts are so popular in project management.They make complex plans, especially those involving multiple teams and varying timeframes, easier to create. Gantt charts help teams allocate resources effectively and plan work around deadlines.

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