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Dual Track Agile

What is Dual Track Agile?

The term “dual-track” is defined as agile development in which the cross-functional product team divides its daily development work into two tracks: discovery and delivery.

The discovery track is concerned with fast creating validated product ideas for the backlog, whereas the delivery track is concerned with turning those ideas into market-ready software.

The team’s work on the parallel tracks could look like this if they used the dual-track-agile approach:

The Delivery Track:

  • Interview key stakeholders
  • Create Personas and user stories
  • Conduct market research (surveys, user interviews, etc.)
  • Place items that have been validated through this method on the Delivery Team’s backlog.

The Delivery Track:

  • Make prototypes (wireframes, etc.)
  • Perform Iterative user testing
  • Update your product based on consumer input.

Also, See: Agile Project Management

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