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Form 49B

What is Form 49B?

Form 49B is an application form for the allotment of TAN number (tax deduction and collection account number) under section 23A of the Income Tax act, 1961. TAN is a 10-digit number provided to every entity that can collect tax on behalf of the Income Tax Department (ITD). TAN registration is mandatory to deduct tax on transactions.

How to apply for 49B?

It is a simple method that does not require any physical document from the applicant. These days, the digital method is a broadly used mechanism to apply for PAN or Form 49B.

Documents Required for Form 49B?

  • If you are applying in online mode, then the print of the acknowledgment is to be submitted to the Income Tax Department
  • If applying in offline mode, there is no need for any document.

Content of Form 49B

  • The first section contains office details and the person’s designation.
  • The second section requires the complete residential address of the person.
  • The third section is for the nationality of the individual.
  • The next section is the TAN number.
  • Then comes the form submission details.
  • In the next section, the applicant needs to provide the details of the assessing officer.
  • Then the personal details of the applicant.
  • In the last section, the applicant needs to provide the signature or the thumb impression.

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