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Form 16 Part A

What is Form 16 Part A?

Form 16A or Part A of Form 16 is produced when the employer deducts tax on accounts of the employee. This form contains the name, PAN number, and address of the employee and employer. It has details – summary of total salary paid to the employee during the running year, nature of payment, the amount of tax deducted from salary and deposited at government account by the employer. Mostly Form 16A is for TDS on Non-Salary Earnings.

Form 16A is typically issued annually.

Components of Form 16 Part A:

  1. Receipt No. of TDS payment.
  2. Name, PAN, and TAN of the employer & employee.
  3. Summary of the salary paid to the employee.
  4. Receipt No. of TDS payment.
  5. The date on which the tax was deducted from the salary and the date on which tax was deposited in the account of the government.

Also, See: Form 16 part B

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