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Compensatory Off

What is Compensatory Off?

Compensatory Off or Compensation Off or Comp Off is a leave entitled to an employee by an employer for working on a week off or paid holiday by the organization. An employee can work any day like Sunday or any other non-working day and reimbursement in the form of exchanged leave, however, it has to be availed by the employee in a fixed period of time only. Mostly the time period expires after 60 or 90 days.

Comp off leaves are provided as a reward for employees for working extra or putting in the extra effort. Companies that have a comp off policy pay the employees in the form of PTO ( paid time off).

According to the laws, if the employee works on the statutory holidays then only avail compensatory off. Though these laws may vary from state to state, it depends on the type of employment as well. The non-exempt employees are paid based on overtime methods.

Also, See: Restricted holiday

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