Attendance Warning Letter – Find the Latest Format and Example

April 11, 2022
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Attendance Warning Letter Format

One of the major problems that most companies face with their employees is chronic absenteeism. In this case, you need to warn the employee by writing a Warning letter for absenteeism.

Even Though writing an attendance warning letter can be a tricky task, it is an important step in enforcing your attendance policy.

How you enforce your company policy can have a massive influence on employee conduct. And the aim of your warning letter is to shame them out of their behaviour while avoiding an over authoritative tone.

Below you will find the ways to write an attendance warning letter.

What is an Employee Warning Letter for Absenteeism?

An Attendance Warning Letter is a formal document used by the HR department of the organization to discipline the employees who are continuously late or absent at the workplace.

If an employee has violated the leave policy by frequently leaving early, or taking a lot of day-offs, the employer can issue a warning letter to address this issue.

How to Create an Attendance Write Up

Below are the steps to write an attendance reprimand letter to an employee.

1. Gather Data

Your employee written warning should include the entire leave record of the employee. It should include all the dates when the employee was late, absent, or left early.  

2. Discuss Previous Measures Taken

Include in your warning the previous steps the company has taken in order to address this issue. This is proof that the issue is ongoing and you have addressed the issue before.

3. Explain the Effects

When employees are continuously taking day-offs or coming late, it affects their performance and ultimately diminishes the productivity of the department or the entire company. Therefore, explain to them the effects of chronic absenteeism by referring to specific projects.

4. Outline Next Steps

In your warning letter, you should detail the actions an employee must take to resolve the situation. In the letter, provide a review date for reviewing the employee’s performance. Also, mention the action company would take if the situation continues.

Warning Letter – Format, Example, Meaning and More

Attendance Warning Letter Format

Attendance Warning Letter Format

Attendance Warning Letter Example

Attendance Warning Letter Example


Every Attendance Reprimand Letter may vary differently according to the opinions and leave policies of the company. However, in the above blog, we have got you covered almost everything you need to know for writing an attendance reprimand letter.

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