Appointment Letter - Meaning, Format, & Example
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Appointment Letter – Format, Example, & Meaning

March 24, 2022
HR Toolkit
Appointment letter

Whether You are a Hiring Manager of a multinational company, recruiter, or HR personnel, or you are the admin managing all the HR operations in a company, you may need to write a letter of appointment when you hire a candidate for your organization.

Do you want to know what it actually is?

An appointment letter is the formal document provided by a company whenever a candidate gets selected for a particular position. Usually, it is the duty of the HR department to handle this kind of work. If you are new to this industry and do not know how to write one, you are at the right place.

Here we will discuss what an Appointment Letter actually is, the steps to writing one, and give you the access to a well-written appointment letter in word format. Also, we provide easy-to-use word and PDF templates, and what’s more exciting is that we will also provide a live editing link for smoother editing of the letters for your employees. Ultimate Business Systems(UBS) is the number one HRMS software platform that provides this live editing feature for all the necessary HRMS letters. 

What are Appointment Letters?

The Appointment Letter is the very first piece of document handed over to the candidate who has gone through the interview and got selected for the position. This is basically a confirmation that the candidate has been appointed for the following position. This is a formal letter issued to the candidate by the organization he has been selected in.

The letter will have the name of the candidate, company name, designation, and the date of appointment. If you want to know more about the letter of appointment or download the readymade appointment letter, click here.

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Why do we Need an Appointment Letter?

A letter of Appointment is a very crucial document for both the employee and the employer. This letter contains the complete roles and responsibilities of the job and the company’s expectations of the employee.

The appointment Letter contains the detailed terms and conditions and acts as an employment contract. It is signed by both parties and both get a copy of this document. The employee should carefully read this letter as it has all the necessary details like salary, job title, roles, responsibilities, etc. 

Also, this letter can be used in the Court of Law in case of any discrepancies in the future. This blog will give you access to a private company appointment letter format for free.

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How to Write an Appointment Letter?

Now that we know what this letter actually is, let’s have a look at how do you write a letter. Following the below points, you can write a perfect letter for your company. 

  • Your company’s letterhead is necessary to make the letter look official. With the official letterhead there goes the candidate’s name, contact information, and date of issuance on the top of the letter.
  • Below the name includes the greeting with the official name of the candidate preceded by the salutation like “Dear XYZ”.
  • For the content of the letter, there are two ways to follow: the traditional paragraph where the content is written in full sentences in a paragraph, or the modern style where the main sections are listed in bullet points with smaller paragraphs.
  • First comes the introduction paragraph. In this paragraph formally offer the role to the candidate. Here, by the offer, we mean the official job title of the recipient.
  • After the introduction paragraph, briefly describe the roles and responsibilities of the prospective candidate in the next paragraph.
  • Also include the recipient’s starting data that was discussed during the interview, along with a brief reference to the conversation.
  • In the Letter of Appointment, include the offered position’s official working schedule. Now the working schedule can be of two types i.e., start time to end time or the weekly working hours. Also, do not forget to mention whether the offered role is full-time or part-time.
  • Include the salary in the letter that was discussed during the job offer and the negotiation stage. With the gross salary, mention the essential parts of the salary such as pension plans, insurance plans, gratuity, etc.
  • Include all the important terms and conditions that come with the job role(such as dress code, mobile phone policy, etc.) towards the end of the letter.
  • – In the end, close the letter by stating that the employee needs to sign the letter. Mention the deadline for the response or acceptance of the letter in this final section.

Below you can see the simple appointment letter format in word.

Appointment Letter Meaning Format Example

Note: This letter will be useful to you! You can edit it, as your needs and requirements.

Appointment Letter Format

Letter of Appointment Format

Appointment Letter Example

Appointment Letter Example

How is an Appointment Letter Important to the Employee?

This letter would provide a kind of documentary assurance to the employees that they have been selected by the company and would also help them claim their benefits and rights. The employer would need to mention all the necessary details in the letter as mentioned above.

Generate an Appointment Letter with Just One Click with UBS

Ultimate Business Systems(UBS) is a complete solution for the HRMS software that helps businesses generate appointment letters and other HR-related letters like offer letters, appraisal letters, relieving letters, etc. Not only this, but we also provide our clients with the live editing feature that allows the users to edit the HR letters according to their requirements. 

UBS is a one-stop solution for HRMS software in India including payroll management, HR letter generation, employee onboarding, and more. Get in touch to book a live demo of our software.

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