Unauthorized Absence Warning Letter - Format, Meaning, Template, Examples, and More
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Unauthorized Absence Warning Letter – Format, Meaning, Template, Examples, and More

December 13, 2022
HR Toolkit
Unauthorized Absence Warning Letter

Do you have a proper attendance and leave policy in place?

How do you deal with unplanned or unauthorized leaves?

While unauthorized leave is considered a disciplinary issue, it also has a major impact on the smooth functioning of a process or business. It can set precedents and disturb production schedules, and customer service, or delay the deliverables. It is also a violation of your company’s policy.

If an employee fails to report to work, and has not informed the management about his/her absence; a warning letter for unauthorized absence is issued by the company.

Unauthorized Absence Meaning

  1. An unauthorized absence occurs when a staff member misses work without an excuse. What follows is excluded from it:
  • When a worker has scheduled their annual leave in advance
  • Absence due to a legislative right, such as time off for antenatal care and appointments; 
  • Short-notice emergency domestic leave requests; 
  • Notified illnesses; 
  • Absence due to maternity, paternity, or adoption leave;
  1. The Line Manager should get in touch with Professional Services Human Resources to talk about how to handle an employee who skips work without permission and hasn’t been in touch.
  2. If the line manager does not hear back from the employee who is absent, they should speak with HR right away to determine how to handle the unapproved absence.
  3. HR will offer guidance on how to address the absence, and each case will be handled in light of its own unique circumstances.

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Unauthorized Absence Warning Procedure

  1. To determine whether a staff member is absent without authorization, consult the line manager
  2. The Line Manager should get in touch with the Faculty/Professional Services HR team right once if the staff member is suspected of being absent without permission.
  3. When necessary, HR will use the provided contact information, including phone numbers, to make a reasonable effort to get in touch with the person on behalf of the Line Manager. After making reasonable attempts and failing to reach the designated emergency contact, HR will try again within 48 hours of the employee being reported as being absent from work.
  4. If HR is unable to reach the person, the Line Manager will use a sample Unauthorized absence warning letter provided by HR to write to the person, asking them to get in touch within two working days of the letter’s date and noting that failure to do so may constitute misconduct, for which the organization may consider taking disciplinary action. Note any and all attempts to get in touch with the person. The person should also be informed that their pay would be withheld if they fail to contact the organization as instructed.
  5. The staff member should be invited to a disciplinary hearing and informed that it will probably still happen even if they do not show up if there is no response from the person within the timeframe requested.
  6. Unauthorized absences from work can result in disciplinary action, and long-term absences might be viewed as serious misconduct.
  7. The organization is not required to pay for any days that the staff member spent off-duty if they don’t follow the notice and reporting requirements and the line manager doesn’t find their excuse to be reasonable. In the beginning, this should be discussed with HR. Before deciding whether to take any action regarding the staff member’s salary, it is critical to look into every instance of unauthorized absence in order to gather information.
  8. The employee must be informed in writing before any modifications are made to their salary when the decision is made to withhold it. In the beginning, this should be discussed with HR.

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Purpose of Unauthorized Absence Warning Letter

The purpose of this letter is to contact the employee to identify whether the unauthorized absence amounts to a resignation from an employee’s side or it was just an emergency leave.

This letter gives an opportunity to the employee to refute the employer’s assumption that the employee has resigned. Employees can respond to this letter by giving a particular date by which they must contact the company with a proper reason for their unauthorized absence and why they couldn’t contact the company.

In cases where the employee has not reacted to the First Unauthorized Absence Letter, companies should use the Final Unauthorized Absence Letter, which confirms the employee’s implied resignation.

UBS HR Toolkit saves you time by providing you with a customized and readymade warning letter for unauthorized absence. What you need to do is, just download the letter, edit a few minimal details, and the letter is ready to shoot.

With this Unauthorized Absence Warning Letter Template you can:

  • Support the manager or the HR managers to control the situation. 
  • Save time and effort for all the parties.
  • Standardize the process and maintain consistency.

Within a few minutes, you will be able to create a standard warning letter for unauthorized absence. The template contains vital information like:

  • Name and Employee ID 
  • The exact event(s) that occurred 
  • Information on the leave policy that was violated by the employee
  • Warning and consequences of repetition 

Unauthorized Absence Warning Letter

Note: This letter will be useful to you! You can edit it, as your needs and requirements.

Unauthorized Absence Warning Letter Format

Unauthorized Absence Warning Letter Format

Unauthorized Absence Warning Letter Example

Unauthorized Absence Warning Letter Example


An unauthorized absence letter explains that because the employee did not appear to work and did not even ask for leave or explain their absence; it will be considered unauthorized and further disciplinary actions will be taken. The letter invites the employee to a meeting to address the issue further and specifies that the meeting will be adjourned and a subsequent meeting will be scheduled under the organization’s disciplinary procedure if the company is not satisfied with the employee’s explanation for the absence. Along with the organization’s absence reporting processes, this letter should be delivered.

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