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List of Features

Indian Payroll Calculation is difficult, UBS Payroll Software is here to ease your month-end chaos.

  • Features
    Single Dashboard
  • Features
    Payroll History
  • Features
    Government Compliances
  • Features
    Salary Slip Generation
  • Features
    Reports and Analytics
  • Features
    Bonus Calculations
  • Features
    Adding New Employees

Single Dashboard

Managing your payroll distributions and analytics at one place is a bit of a hectic task. You need to have a centralized software where you can see all your distributions and analytics at one place. UBS Payroll Software has a single dashboard where you can track your payroll with various graphs and information.

  • Easily generate payroll with just one click
  • Graphical data for easy analysis
  • Easy, Accurate and On-time Calculations
  • Easy Tracking with a single dashboard

Payroll History

Calculating the payroll and managing it is very important. With UBS – Top Payroll Software in India, you can see the entire yearly payroll calculation history on the dashboard and also download the monthly salary details as and when required.

  • Month and Year-wise data of Payroll
  • Easily Filter the data by month, year, status, and type.
  • Overall Payment history available on hands
  • Unified Payroll history data

Government Compliances

Ultimate Business Systems takes care of all your government compliances while calculating the payroll. With UBS Payroll Software, you can easily create salary templates that contain all the statutory components like PF, Professional Tax, Additional Tax Deductions, Rebate, and ESIC.

  • Payroll Calculation with statutory components
  • Easy and Accurate Payroll Calculation
  • Avoid Legal Risks with the accurate govt. compliances
  • Create salary templates easily as per your company requirements

Salary Slip Generation

Your employees may any time come and ask you for the salary slips. UBS is a Top Payroll Software in India which provides you an all-new section for generating the salary slips for any specific employee. You can filter the data according to the employee name, month, or year.

  • Easily generate salary slips from the payment history
  • Filter data with different aspects
  • Easy to keep a record of employee’s salary
  • Well-defined criteria for salary slip generation

Reports and Analytics

Analyzing the payroll reports and analytics can help you manage expenses. With UBS Payroll Software, you can get a listicle view of the information of the employees and their salaries. Also, with the graphical representation, the reports and the data are easy to understand and analyze.

  • Check out the activity, mail the details or just have a preview.
  • Easily understandable reports
  • Listicle view of the salaries
  • Easily Filter the data using various filters.

Bonus Calculations

UBS is a Payroll Software in India that offers accurate bonus calculations. You just need one click to view or calculate, add and approve the bonus or deductions from the applications your employee has made.

  • View or calculate bonuses with just one click
  • Easy bonus calculation process
  • Listicle view of the bonus and deduction of each employee
  • Use filters to filter the list as per your requirement

Adding New Employees

Our payroll software provides you the flexibility to manage your employee payroll effectively. From the Run Payroll section, you can easily add new employees, remove them, check attendance of the employees and add overtime, where and when needed.

  • Flexibly manage your employee payroll
  • Add or remove employees from the payroll
  • Check attendance and manage overtime of the employees

List of Top 5 Payroll Software in Kolkata

One of the most important parts of every firm is managing its payroll processes. Payroll Processes are of utmost importance regardless of whether your company is small, medium-sized, or global. Any firm needs it as a driving force. To improve their workforce and manage their payroll-related procedures, businesses use the best Payroll Software in Kolkata today for a number of important reasons. An organization’s payroll practices can be organized and improved with the use of specialized payroll software.


The management of employee payroll is encouraged to be open and organized by Payroll Software in Kolkata. One can easily keep employee records with its assistance. With the Top payroll software, you can say goodbye to antiquated paper-based procedures. Payroll processes can be revolutionized by an efficient payroll software in Kolkata.


The management system makes the payroll system fully paperless which had been tiresome and time-consuming for a long time. Your HR team will have a ton of productive time thanks to the software, which they would otherwise lose to administrative tasks and other repetitive human resource tasks, to work on strategic projects. Checkout below the list of Top Payroll Software in Kolkata.

UBS Payroll

UBS Payroll

Connecting People. Optimizing Process. Enhancing Performance.

Businesses need the appropriate equipment and technology to maintain productivity if they want to remain competitive. UBS Payroll Software in Kolkata speeds up and improves efficiency by streamlining HR procedures. As they are no longer occupied with repetitive paperwork, it enables the human resources personnel to play a more strategic role in the company.


One of Kolkata’s most dependable payroll systems is UBS Payroll. This cloud-based payroll software handles payroll management flawlessly and eliminates the stress from your HR team, which can be a significant chore for HR management. UBS HR and payroll software allows you to manage all HR tasks in one location. All of your staff will find the software to be user-friendly and simple to manage. It is the organization’s go-to payroll processing solution for precise computations and complete income tax compliance.

  • Simplified processing
  • Accurate calculations
  • Statutory reports
  • Full and final settlement
  • Cloud-based

HRMS Payroll Software

Customized Cloud-based On-premises Payroll Software

Utilize HRMS Payroll software to automate your employee salary processes. It is a software that is customized to the needs of your business. Here, you may configure each employee’s salary deductions for each head, may include Employee Loans (if taken), can produce attendance based on the leaves, absences, and vacations taken by employees. It is possible to generate many kinds of customized MIS reports.


  • Get salary details
  • Payslips
  • Edit salary heads
  • Reports and analytics
  • Organizational structure


Keeps the HR and Finance Users Happy

Want a quick and reliable solution for all your business payroll needs? Asanify is the best Payroll Software in Kolkata. This software can help you automate your statutory compliances and you can also integrate it with the core HR functions like leave and attendance management and more.


  • Eliminate Compliance Risks
  • Personalized Salary Slip
  • Integrations
  • On-time payroll processing
  • Tax and Investment Planning
WRK Plan

WRK Plan

Streamline Your Payroll Administration with Payroll Software

Wrkplan provides industry-specific payroll that is appropriate for your company. Different sectors use different methods to manage the payroll process for its employees. This software provides flexibility in payroll computation in accordance with industry standards. This keeps track of the many loans given to employees, and the installment payments are automatically debited at regular intervals. With real-time notifications, the company can fully control the process.


  • Easy employee enrollment
  • Constructive administration
  • Advanced payroll processing
  • Easy Compliance
  • Real-time reporting
Adept Infoways

Adept Infoways

Biometric Attendance Integrated Payroll Software

Adept Infoways is a complete software solution that can handle all of your payroll needs. It streamlines salary processing and automates legislative requirements, as well as the job of HR staff. In accordance with the frequently altering HR rules, slabs, and formulas, it manages different statutory and MIS needs.


  • Arrears Calculation
  • Salary Processing
  • Bonus and Deductions
  • Loans Management
  • Easy Reports
  • F&F Settlement

Disclaimer: Ultimate Business Systems makes an effort to ensure the content on the website is accurate and reliable. The content is collected from various sources, therefore, we do not claim any direct or indirect authority over the content.


Connecting People. Optimizing Process. Enhancing Performance.

Which payroll software is best in Kolkata?

There are so many payroll softwares all over India. However, if you are looking for the best payroll software in Kolkata, analyze your organizational requirements and then choose the best from the above list.


Why does every company need payroll software?

With the Human Resource Department wearing so many hats altogether, digital solutions help the companies reduce the work of the HRs. Therefore, payroll software is a must in every company irrespective of the size.


What is the easiest payroll software to use?

The simplicity of any Payroll software depends on its features and functions. Therefore, choose the software for your business wisely.


What key features should payroll software have?

Usually payroll softwares is customized according to the company’s requirements. However, following are some of the key features: simple setup, accurate tax filings and deposits, payroll reports, direct deposits, ESS portal, Integration options, good support.


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