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List of Features

Indian Payroll Calculation is difficult, UBS Payroll Software is here to ease your month-end chaos.

  • Features
    Single Dashboard
  • Features
    Payroll History
  • Features
    Government Compliances
  • Features
    Salary Slip Generation
  • Features
    Reports and Analytics
  • Features
    Bonus Calculations
  • Features
    Adding New Employees

Single Dashboard

Managing your payroll distributions and analytics at one place is a bit of a hectic task. You need to have a centralized software where you can see all your distributions and analytics at one place. UBS Payroll Software has a single dashboard where you can track your payroll with various graphs and information.

  • Easily generate payroll with just one click
  • Graphical data for easy analysis
  • Easy, Accurate and On-time Calculations
  • Easy Tracking with a single dashboard

Payroll History

Calculating the payroll and managing it is very important. With UBS – Top Payroll Software in India, you can see the entire yearly payroll calculation history on the dashboard and also download the monthly salary details as and when required.

  • Month and Year-wise data of Payroll
  • Easily Filter the data by month, year, status, and type.
  • Overall Payment history available on hands
  • Unified Payroll history data

Government Compliances

Ultimate Business Systems takes care of all your government compliances while calculating the payroll. With UBS Payroll Software, you can easily create salary templates that contain all the statutory components like PF, Professional Tax, Additional Tax Deductions, Rebate, and ESIC.

  • Payroll Calculation with statutory components
  • Easy and Accurate Payroll Calculation
  • Avoid Legal Risks with the accurate govt. compliances
  • Create salary templates easily as per your company requirements

Salary Slip Generation

Your employees may any time come and ask you for the salary slips. UBS is a Top Payroll Software in India which provides you an all-new section for generating the salary slips for any specific employee. You can filter the data according to the employee name, month, or year.

  • Easily generate salary slips from the payment history
  • Filter data with different aspects
  • Easy to keep a record of employee’s salary
  • Well-defined criteria for salary slip generation

Reports and Analytics

Analyzing the payroll reports and analytics can help you manage expenses. With UBS Payroll Software, you can get a listicle view of the information of the employees and their salaries. Also, with the graphical representation, the reports and the data are easy to understand and analyze.

  • Check out the activity, mail the details or just have a preview.
  • Easily understandable reports
  • Listicle view of the salaries
  • Easily Filter the data using various filters.

Bonus Calculations

UBS is a Payroll Software in India that offers accurate bonus calculations. You just need one click to view or calculate, add and approve the bonus or deductions from the applications your employee has made.

  • View or calculate bonuses with just one click
  • Easy bonus calculation process
  • Listicle view of the bonus and deduction of each employee
  • Use filters to filter the list as per your requirement

Adding New Employees

Our payroll software provides you the flexibility to manage your employee payroll effectively. From the Run Payroll section, you can easily add new employees, remove them, check attendance of the employees and add overtime, where and when needed.

  • Flexibly manage your employee payroll
  • Add or remove employees from the payroll
  • Check attendance and manage overtime of the employees

List of Top 5 Payroll Software in Hyderabad

Payroll Software – A Software solution used by the Human Resource Managers to manage the entire payroll operations lifecycle end-to-end. Payroll management and processing involves a wide range of activities to look after an organization’s critical assets. Critical assets here are the people of the organization.


When Payroll processing is done manually through a spreadsheet or an outdated system, it becomes time-consuming, complex, and at times inaccurate. A dedicated payroll software helps the HR professionals streamline the payroll related tasks allowing themselves and the business owners to make space for other important business tasks.


An ideal payroll software should be able to do the payroll calculations accurately, process the payroll on time, be compliant with all the necessary government laws, integrated with the leave and attendance management system, and all the other important payroll related tasks.


Choosing an ideal payroll software is an important investment for any business irrespective of the size. A complex and inefficient software will cost you time and money. Therefore, we have got you a list of Top Payroll Software in Hyderabad.

UBS Payroll

UBS Payroll

Connecting People. Optimizing Process. Enhancing Performance.

Still relying on in-house fragmented systems for running payroll? Due to all the legislation changes that seem to occur on a constant basis, employee retention issues, and pay run requirements; the wise decision is to have your payroll managed so that you can concentrate on business strategy, hiring and retaining the right talent, and promoting employee development and engagement.


In addition to saving you time, outsourcing your payroll will give you security in a world that is getting more complicated all the time. UBS Payroll is the Top Payroll Software in Hyderabad that customizes the software keeping in mind all your necessary requirements.

  • Cloud-based software
  • Payroll integrated with HR
  • Easy expert support
  • Complies with all the updated laws
  • Easy payslip generation
Wallet HR

Wallet HR

Simple, Configurable Payroll Software in Hyderabad

When it comes to accurate payroll processing and effective compensation computation, Wallet-HR payroll Software is a tried-and-true HR software product. This Payroll Software in Hyderabad is straightforward, adaptable, and user-friendly. It has a number of practical features, like connectivity with biometric attendance systems, an AI-powered HR chatbot, performance reviews, and more.


  • Payroll in 3 easy steps
  • Faster payroll processing
  • Adherence to compliances
  • Manage loans
  • On-time payments
JH Management

JH Management

Best Payroll and Statutory Management Software

In order to support norms and regulatory standards, particularly Payroll & Labor laws applicable to India, JH Payroll Software in Hyderabad offers world-class technologies and processes. This ensures quick and affordable payroll processing. We are prepared to offer ongoing support and updates to assist you in managing any legal difficulties brought on by different laws.


  • Monthly attendance reports
  • Configurable salary heads
  • Income Tax
  • FnF Settlement
  • Customized payroll reports
Sumo Payroll

Sumo Payroll

Error-free and Streamlines Payroll Processing Software

SumoPayroll aims to make a difference. The larger the organization, the more complex the Payroll calculations. Therefore, calculating the expenses manually may cause inaccurate calculations. On schedule and precise Compliance with legal requirements for employee payroll is essential to operating a firm. Therefore, SumoPayroll is customized to the demands of the business, increasing productivity at the press of a button.


  • Multiple batch payroll
  • Easy settlements
  • Loans and deductions
  • User-friendly interface
  • Accurate calculations
3GHR Services

3GHR Services

India’s best staffing solutions

3GHR Services is an India based HR services company offering Payroll software in Hyderabad for companies of all sizes. Every business must manage numerous tax rates, varied timesheets and pay schedules for employees, workers compensation, various benefits and coverage options, along with voluntary withholdings handled by in-house payroll staff. For small, medium, and large businesses, this procedure poses risks and lacks security. Therefore, to ensure that your data is secured and the payroll is processed safely and on time, 3GHR payroll software works at its best.


  • Employee Management
  • Govt. legislations
  • 24*7 IT Support
  • Saves time
  • On-time tax filings

Disclaimer: Ultimate Business Systems makes an effort to ensure the content on the website is accurate and reliable. The content is collected from various sources, therefore, we do not claim any direct or indirect authority over the content.


Connecting People. Optimizing Process. Enhancing Performance.

Which is the best payroll software in Hyderabad?

To find the best payroll software in Hyderabad, list out all your requirements, then from the above list compare the software features. This will help you find the best solution for your organization.


What are the benefits of payroll software?

  • Error-free calculations
  • Time saving
  • Secured data
  • Money saving
  • Generate payslips
  • Stay up-to-date with taxes

What are some common payroll challenges?

  • Handling remote working
  • Threat to data security
  • Need for higher flexibility
  • Challenges in attendance and leave management
  • Consistent automation

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