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Streamline Your Payroll Process – Easy Steps to Follow

September 14, 2022
Streamline Your Payroll Process Easy Steps to Follow

Managing your payroll can be a nightmare, especially for the organizations that are doing it manually. The method of recording, tracking, and reporting time and attendance isn’t just time-consuming, they can become complex as the workforce and the organization grows.

Since organizations hire more and more people to meet their project requirements, the payroll process needs to be continuously assessed and addressed.

HR operations have now completely become automated and have payroll. The vast majority of organizations use payroll software to automate their payroll processing. The usefulness of today’s payroll processing software has extended far beyond just automation. As a result, it is no wonder that HR payroll processes have become advanced in this technological wave.

Why is it Important to Streamline your Payroll?

No matter if you are a startup or a big corporation, streamlining the payroll process is very crucial for your business. Why?

With so many other tasks to be performed by the HR department, processing payroll accurately and on time can be difficult. Incorrect or delayed salary transfers lead to low employee morale and less productivity.

Being such an important aspect of the business, it is important that your payroll runs smoothly. Getting paid is after all one of the most important reasons why most people come to work.

Below are the 5 easy steps using which you can streamline your payroll process. Read further to learn more.

Payroll Management System: Meaning, Features, Benefits, And Top Solutions

Steps to Streamline your Payroll Process

  • Review your Payroll Policy

When looking for ways to improve the effectiveness of the HR payroll process, from hiring to offboarding, you don’t have to address each step in detail.

When looking for areas where you might improve, it could be challenging to know where to start. However, by carefully considering every stage of the employee experience within your company, you can examine fresh opportunities to automate and create process efficiencies.

Check the below aspects of a Payroll Policy:

  • Job Advertisement and Recruitment
  • Salary and benefits package
  • Monitoring employee’s performance
  • Laying off and retirement
  • Attendance and Timing
  • Helping new employees and training
  • Replace Paper-based Payroll Process with Automated System

Automated HR and Payroll processing software uses web-based technology to help managers design, implement, and administer payroll policies.

With the advancements in technology and services, payroll software offers much to the satisfaction and usefulness of employers and employees as well.

  • Keep Yourself Updated with Latest Payroll Changes

Staying updated with the tax and payroll regulation seems a bit difficult, but it can help you make your payroll process smoother. The government payroll-related regulations change every year and if you fail to comply with the tax regulations, you may further face legal consequences.

You may need to repeat the entire payroll process while adhering to the tax rules. After implementing the updated payroll tax, you can make the payments on time.

  • Keep a Watch on Employee Activity

One advantage of a pandemic is that the hybrid work model has been a more appealing option for both employees and employers. However, one disadvantage that has come with this paradigm is that it keeps the managers in the dark about the employee’s work.

Therefore, it has become more important for the HR department to monitor employee activities to record attendance, leave, working hours, login hours, and overtime. Calculating these factors is the basis of generating payroll.

10 Benefits of Online Payroll Software We Bet You Don’t Know!

  • Use a Payroll Management Software

Implementing payroll management software is one of the easiest ways to automate and streamline payroll processing. When you implement third-party payroll software, you entrust it to the software developed by experts.

Additionally, it will increase payroll accuracy, giving you comfort. Payroll will be finished on time, giving you more time to focus on your main business activity.

Payroll management software can help you focus on other business tasks. There are a lot more benefits of an automated payroll system.

Let’s look at a few…

Look How Automated Payroll Systems are Beneficial

  • Audit-Ready

Have access to all payroll-related information. Be compliant at all times to avoid having to go about looking for information if there is an audit. The time when you needed to go through mountains of documents to get payroll data that your auditor had sought is long gone. All of your information, including hours worked, leaves taken, deductions, wage structure, etc., will be stored in your auto payroll software system, from which you may get it as needed.

  • Modify the Salary Structure

The modern payroll processing method adds a far better value to the company than the conventional compensation method. The automated payroll software helps the HR department design and implement salary structures for specific individuals.

The software’s efficiency can make quick modifications to the salary structure if any anomalies are detected in the package given to the employee. 

  • Quick Payroll Calculations

Calculating data from different sources, doing complex calculations, creating spreadsheets, and whatnot. All these manual tasks make the payroll process time-consuming and difficult. An HR Automation software can help you solve most of the issues easily and quickly.

With the automated software, you just have to add the necessary details and it will calculate everything like base salary, deductions, perks, overtime, work hours, and so forth. And it gives out the correct payroll data, thereby making the work of the HR department efficient and effective.

  • Easy Payslip Generation

The conventional methods of generating payslips are a difficult and time-consuming activity for the HR department. Things can get more complex when you need to modify any element in the payslip. Since the HR department has verified all the elements before generating the payslip, one small modification will bring everything back to ground zero and the HR will have to rework on payslips.

All the overwork and errors can be eliminated using automated software. After gathering the entire data, the software will make all the amendments in real-time. You will get the correct data after detailed automatic calculation making the payroll processing swift and easy with zero chances of error.

How To Pick The Right HR Payroll Service Provider?

  • Control Compensation Cost

The HR Department can easily access internal and external payroll information with the help of an automated payroll system. The HR staff can simply develop, execute, and explain need-based, distinctive payroll models using this system while staying below the allocated budget.

This will aid the business in increasing payroll efficiency and better managing compensation costs. HR may now exert better control over the costs associated with the payroll system as a result of the improvisation in the models of compensation. Payroll strategies will become more effective and structured as a result.

  • Easy Tax Management

Everyone needs hassle-free tax compliance. For an organization, it is among the most difficult tasks that need to be done before the generation of payslips. While you are adding the taxation element to the payroll system, you need to consider various things which is not an easy task.

An automated payroll management software simplifies some of the most complex tasks related to tax compliance. The software reduces errors and protects the data from theft. Additionally, it keeps the employees aware of the payroll policies, thereby adding to their job satisfaction.


Any process badly executed may be harmful to the entire organization.

Payroll processing is a difficult task and time-consuming as well. If payroll is not calculated correctly or not generated on time can hinder the employee’s productivity and the company’s growth as a whole.

A payroll management software can take over your manual processes and you can focus on other core tasks. Paying your employees the appropriate compensation at the appropriate time and overcoming the challenges of payroll updates due to tax and regulatory changes are both made simple with UBS payroll management software. This will help you maintain your employees’ trust and loyalty. This payroll software stays up to date on evolving regulatory requirements. To receive the best payroll services, get in touch with us!


What is payroll processing?

Payroll processing is an important business function that involves calculating the employee’s net pay after including all the necessary taxes and deductions. For an efficient payroll process, the manager needs to follow the step-by-step process. Look above mentioned steps to streamline your payroll process.

What are the methods of payroll processing?

There are basically three methods of payroll processing excel, outsourced, and payroll management software. Initially, the companies used to maintain the records in excel or outsource the services to a third party. But now it can be done efficiently by automated payroll management software.

What is the payroll and payroll process?

Payroll is the process of paying employees' salaries accurately and on time. Making a list of the personnel to be paid comes first, and last comes the recording of expenses. It's a complicated procedure that requires cooperation from numerous teams, including payroll, HR, and finance.

What are the payroll software benefits?

Automated calculations including all the taxes and deductions are one of the biggest advantages of payroll software. Have a look at the above post to know more benefits of this software.

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