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UBS Security

Effective Date: 16th March 2021

Keeping Your Data Secure At UBS

We know that you are trusting UBS with your data, and we as a company and even the team take this responsibility very seriously. We practice the principle of focusing on multiple layers of security controls. We keep our data locked down at every stage and take measures to prevent any data leaks and unauthorized data access.


It’s not just about a secure application or software, we as a company believe in helping you with storing, transferring, monitoring and reviewing your data with security procedures to meet standards of best practices.

Prioritizing Data Security And Employee Checks

UBS does not try to share, sell or barter any information or database from our customers. We believe the information you provide us in confidentiality is not for ours to make a sale of. Access to the database is restricted to higher authority personnel only. Before even raising a query to access your data, the employee has to go through detailed gateway access. And in addition to the same, to make the database more secure, you must keep in mind that the employees we hire are individuals who have already gone through various background checks.

Privacy Of Data

As a company, we believe that our success balances itself on the ledge of providing a safe and transparent environment for our consumers. To protect data, we involve a cross-functional team with all sizes of initiatives.

Access To Database

We keep your database secure by restricting its access to the most senior authority in the organization only. Developers who work on the product do not have any direct access to the data. The only way they can access the data is through our authentication gateway, where a developer can raise a query regarding any kind of private or personal information required.

Support Through Personnel Access

The customer support at UBS does not indulge in your data. We have tried to inculcate an extreme measure to protect the privacy of our customer database here as well. At UBS support, the primary assistance you will receive comes only when you grant explicit access to your own profile. We do not intrude into any other data that has been formerly provided.

No On-Premise Storage

UBS leverages Amazon AWS cloud infrastructure to have the database, We do not use any other local or on-premise infrastructure or built-system to store your information.

In Transit Encryption Of Security

Sessions of communication or any data exchange between you and your portal are protected with TLS 1.2 which is the latest when this data security was updated.

Patch Management For Product Infrastructure

UBS handles and identifies different addresses of missing patches within the product infrastructure. With distinct server-level instrumentation, it is updated with the latest version within a particular period of time.

24 X 7 Monitoring

Our operations team monitors the application, software and infrastructure behaviour with utmost precision. We try to stay available for any recognized solutions that can meet up with your doubts.

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