Human Resource Management - Defining Journey of People to Productivity
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Human Resource Management – Defining the Journey of People to Productivity

November 14, 2022
Human Resource Management Defining the journey of people to productivity

The role of the Human Resource department has expanded in the last few years. To grow past simply enforcing policies and procedures, recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and people management, HRs have now found that they must ensure the creation of a positive employer brand, take creative initiatives that improve employee engagement and productivity and establish a positive relationship between the company and its employees beyond just their tenure at the organization.

One of the most important activities of an HR Department is to define the journey of the employees of an organization to bring productivity to the table. To learn how HRs can do this, UBS organized a webinar with an HR expert. If you are an HR or a manager, you must read this blog to learn to shape the productivity of your employees.

Before starting, let’s first have a brief about the organizer and the speaker of the webinar.

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Organizer’s Introduction – Alpesh Vaghasiya, CEO – UBS

Since he began his entrepreneurial path, Alpesh Vaghasiya has served as the CEO of three companies. He is the CEO of Ultimate Business Systems(UBS) at the moment. What is UBS?

It is an all-in-one business management platform. Customers are given the ability to expand their businesses, manage them with ease, and maximize employee productivity. With the goal of assisting small and mid-sized businesses in increasing productivity, improving business procedures, and maximizing business potential through a centralized, well-structured system, Alpesh Vaghasiya founded UBS. Contact us to learn more.

About the Speaker – TEDx Speaker, Empirical Coach & Consultant

Mrs. Asmani Surve – The founder of Skynotch Group & Executive Officer of Switchgear Industries. She is an ISO Certified Lead Auditor, Design Thinker, Behavioral Scientist, Neuro Linguistic Practitioner, and Content Writer. Also, she is the author of the book self-help and management. Mrs. Surve is a Human Resources & Business transformation evangelist with expertise in all areas of HR across geographies including India, Europe & North America. She has gained enough experience by Completing over 8000 + hours of training/mentoring and over 400 hours of executive coaching. Her achievements are great and inspiring and we are very excited to gain knowledge from such an industry expert.

Human Resource – Taking care of the Employee’s Journey

As an HR, what matters in terms of Human management is the perspective. The perspectives of the employees and the company may be different but the ultimate goal is the same with different directions. This is the disconnect most organizations have. Hence, the need for the Human Resource Department. And that’s why the people of the organization are not able to give the required amount of productivity.

And when we talk about productivity, what is the challenge? The challenge is aligning the employees with your thoughts. How do you do that? Read further to know.

Productivity is a secondary requirement of a business, what else does a business need?

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What does a business need?

As per a very successful businessman -Richard Branson, “A business needs the heart to have a heart. A company must be more than just a money-making machine.” More than just a business point of view, we need to have a heart for the company, and that is what makes our business more successful. It is not just about money, growth, or how we can excel in our business. Money, growth, and expertise are just the outcomes of a business, but what a business actually needs is the 5 Ps.

5 P’s of a Business

  1. Process – In today’s time accountability is becoming challenging every day. Why this is happening is because we are people driven. However, we need to be process-driven businesses. Until the time we don’t focus on the process, we will always be dependent on our people.
  2. People – People are the second P of the business. We can replace almost everything in our business but we cannot replace people and emotions. We can bring in as many machines and systems, but we cannot replace the human touch.
  3. Performance – How to drive the performance from the people? When we have a process, and the people who will execute that process; we need to make sure that the performance is there. Performance requires systems, it requires tracking, and automation as it is a very subjective matter.
  4. Productivity – Once you know the performance, once you are able to track the performance; you will get the productivity. So, if you know whether a person is performing well or if they are not performing well, you will be able to implicate improvement measures and hence drive productivity.
  5. Profit – All the above 4 P’s will eventually give you the 5th P which is the profits.

So, our question is what is the heart of a business? And the very simple answer to this is the people and the capital. So definitely, when we say what a business needs – it needs the heart, more than a money concert, it needs a growth mindset. When people and capital are both aligned with each other, that’s when your business starts beating at the level that you want it to.

However, how will all this happen? This takes us to the next section of the blog which is the tips.

Business Tips for Business Growth – A Roadmap to a Successful Business

  1. Design your Business Process – Designing your business process is the very first step towards a productive workplace. You have to design the process as per the company’s needs. Once you have the proper wireframe in place, there comes the next step.
  2. Involve people to develop systems – Invest in systems and the people. First, make sure that the foundation of the business is strong. Get the tools you require for your business to be a lot better. HR functions are important functions that require tools. However, a lot of organizations lack or do not invest in such tools. Find out customized tools as per your company requirements to make a strong foundation.
  3. Reward Accountable Behavior – Accountability is very important as we said above. People who are accountable should be rewarded as they become an example for the people who lack accountability. Reward people with good performance and good behavior as that will eventually contribute towards the overall success of the organization.
  4. Achieve Business Development – When you get the appropriate technology in place, you will get free from all the manual processes. Eventually, you will be able to focus on the core activities of your business. This will help in business development.

Growth and Retention – Two Sides of the Same Coin


Design the process, involve the people, and drive productivity. Get appropriate technology in place to track people’s performance and that is how you can define the journey of people to productivity. UBS HRMS software is one such all-in-one productivity management tool that can help you with unparalleled business growth. Check out the webinar below, which was hosted by Mr. Alpesh Vaghasiya, CEO of Ultimate Business Systems, and features Mrs. Asmani Surve, Skynotch Group, to learn more about HR functions, business growth, and more. Visit for additional information on these fascinating subjects.

Alpesh Vaghasiya

Alpesh Vaghasiya

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