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Leave Behind Your Leave Management Stressors!

It is time for you to manage & plan leaves with zero manual intervention.

Leave Automation/Accrual

Gone are the days when you had to remember and update the leaves of every employee manually.

Now you can sit back and relax, while UBS leave management system reset and auto-credit leaves at the end of every year.

  • Reset leaves in just a tap
  • Get clear accrual details of every employee
Leave Automation/Accrual

Leave Approval to Different Levels

Decide and authorize people for the attendance approval process- Once and for all!

That means, no confusion or waste of time!

  • Assign members for the approval flow
  • Change approval permission anytime
Leave Approval to Different Levels

Carry Forward

Enable carry forward policy and the software will carry forward the remaining leaves of every employee on its own.

  • Auto-calculate the remaining leaves
  • Get a clear picture of the unused/used leaves
Carry Forward


Decide the paid leaves you want to be encashed and set the same in the system.

The software will accurately calculate and show the number of encashed leaves at the end of every year.

  • Specify the type of leaves to be encashed
  • Get accurate details of the encashable leaves

Add/Remove Leave Types & Policies

Different companies have different requirements!

Understanding the same, we enable customization of leave types and policies at the time of implementation. It can be modified whenever the companies want.

  • Select the types of leaves
  • Create & design leave policies
Add/Remove Leave Types & Policies


Do not worry about the employees who join in the middle of the year. The system will auto-calculate and set the number of leaves for them.

  • Auto-calculate leaves for a new employee
  • Glimpse of leave balance details in no time

Leave Management Cycle

UBS Leave Management Software Simplifies Every Step Of Leave Management Cycle

Set Up Leave Policy
Pay Schedule
Allocate Leaves to Employees
Pay Schedule
Employee Request Leaves
Pay Schedule
Pay Schedule
Update Leave Balance
Pay Schedule
Final Report of Used/Unused Leaves
Pay Schedule

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Why Leave Management System Is A Must?

Leave management software is a one-stop solution to all leave-related challenges HR executives face on a daily basis. HRMS is certainly incomplete without leave management software.

From startups to SMEs, every organization can utilize leave management software to automate & simplify the process of managing employee leaves.

It takes the whole burden off HR managers’ shoulders and helps businesses to ensure legal compliance.

Leave management software offers complete access to all employee data, thereby simplifying the whole process for HRs.

It not just simplifies every stage in a leave management process but also eases up other processes like payroll.

Benefits of Leave Management Software

Revamp manual processes of managing leave requests and free up time for HR managers

Accuracy in Every calculation
Cuts Down Paperwork

Paperwork is passé! Getting a leave management system is one of the best ways to say goodbye to time-consuming paperwork. HR managers can carry out every task from a single platform.

Accuracy in Every calculation
Reduces Manual Intervention

Manual intervention leads to errors! With leave management software, HRs just need to give inputs and the software takes care of the rest. HRs save time for other crucial tasks.

Accuracy in Every calculation
Boosts HRs’ Efficiency

HR managers will be their best selves! Since leave management software manages everything on its own, HRs will feel more productive and engaged. Productive HR managers can improve the bottom line.

Accuracy in Every calculation
Real-Time Data Accessibility

Real-time accessibility means increased transparency! Both HRs & employees can view and check the leave history using a leave management system, thereby easing up the whole process and building greater trust among employees.

Accuracy in Every calculation
Improves Company Values

Efficient leave management reflects the values of an organization! When leaves of employees are managed with utmost accuracy and fairness, it will positively impact the culture of the company.

Do you have Troubles with Leave Management?

Check out one of the best payroll software that can help you make all the calculations, quick, easy and accurate!

What Our Client Says

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Krunal Vaghasiya

Krunal Vaghasiya

Tatvam Cloud Solutions CEO

I think UBS is an exciting platform with a company that has forward-thinking and built around objectives. It is very much a part of their working culture. It has been a great experience using the software developed by them. We have been using it for the last three months for our project management, and let me tell you, productivity has definitely been on a surge to growth.

Jatin Lathiya

Jatin Lathiya

16 Pixel CEO

Increasing productivity and helping us manage employees better. Keeping an eye on what the team works on has never been easier.

Maulik Vora

Maulik Vora

Zluck Solutions CEO

Quick, Easy & Clutter-free

UBS is the best app that we ever used to manage our team, It’s very easy to use. The ability to view real-time resources allocation is the most loved feature in my organization.

Mitul Golakiya

Mitul Golakiya

Infyom Technologies CEO

All in one Communication tool you need.

We are not able to think of any other tool once we moved to UBS. It made our day to day communications and project management so easy.

Alpesh Gediya

Alpesh Gediya

Telstra India Chapter Lead

I absolutely love how innovative and efficient this software has been. With a number of changes and upgrades coming our way, it has been a pleasure to understand and use this software.


Connecting People. Optimizing Process. Enhancing Performance.

What is leave management in HR?

In layman’s terms, leave management is the process of handling time-off requests of employees in an error-free, unbiased and effective manner. It is one of the most critical human resources processes.

For the uninitiated, HR managers are responsible for managing the leave requests of employees.

Why is an online leave management system important?

If done manually, leave management processes can be extremely painful as well as time-consuming. This is when leave management systems come into the picture.

Leave management software is an automated tool designed to streamline & optimize employee leave requests.

With one of the top-notch leave management systems in India, companies can ensure flawless management of employee leave requests.

Which is the best leave management software in India?

When it comes to leave management software, UBS needs no special introduction.

UBS leave management software is suitable for businesses of all sizes and types. It offers companies a host of amazing features that make the leave management process easier and faster.

With the UBS leave management system, companies will never face challenges such as low efficiency, lack of holiday planning, low employee engagement, and unauthorized absenteeism.

How can leave management software help small and medium-sized enterprises?

Although the leave management process is crucial and tricky for all businesses, small and medium-sized enterprises find it a little more difficult due to a lack of skilled resources, a number of routine processes, and more.

With a leave management system in place, SMEs can effortlessly build a leave management process that is fair to every employee.

What are the objectives of the leave management system?

The first and foremost objective of leave management software is to take the burden off HR professionals’ shoulders and save them time for other vital business activities. Other major objectives are managing data of leaves, and increasing employee trust & engagement.

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