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Self Appraisal

What is Self Appraisal?

Self Appraisals are normally carried out by employees individually. They evaluate their performance by filling out a form, a template, or a set of questions, based on their performance over a specific time period. It may be quite challenging to remember specific details over the past twelve months or even a quarter in your career. One way to make this easier is to keep an updated log or diary at work where you can note down proceedings throughout the year.

You will have to start from the very beginning: keep records of important assignments and projects, success and challenges, changes in responsibilities and roles, and any significant change when they are fresh in your mind throughout the year. Collecting this evidence will give you something to reminiscences about, making you more prepared and putting you in a better place to analyze.

Self Appraisal covers all individual areas and characteristics such as:

  • Your main strengths and weaknesses
  • Major problems and challenges encountered
  • Key accomplishments and drawbacks
  • Future career plans and goals
  • Required training and development areas

Also, See: Appraisal

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