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Selection Process

What is Selection Process?

The selection process is a defined process of short-listing the right candidates with the required qualifications to fill the vacancies in the company. The Selection Process is lengthy and complex as it involves different steps before making a final decision to hire a candidate or not. As per the company policy, this method varies from company to company.  Every company designs its selection process while keeping in mind the urgency of hiring the people.

Steps In Selection Process:

  1. Application- After the job opening is announced, the candidates apply for a job.
  2. Interview- Selected people come for an interview taken by the respective person of the company.
  3. Assessment- The assessment test should be taken from the respective senior of your department.
  4. Reference And Background Check- Previous company experiences and other background is checked.
  5. Decision-  As per the assessment and other factors, it is decided to choose the correct candidate who will have the future potential for the company.
  6. Job Offer- After the decision-making, the company provides a contract and offer letter to the candidate.

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