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Learning Management System

What is a Learning Management System?

A learning management system, usually abbreviated as LMS, is an automated tool or web-based technology utilized to strategize, execute and assess a particular learning process.

In simpler words, LMS comes in handy for e-learning purposes.

Learning management system comprises of two components:

  • a server that carries out the basic functionality 
  • a user interface operated by educators, learners, and administrators.

With one of the top-notch learning management systems, an educator can easily create as well as deliver content, have a tab on his/her students, and evaluate the performance of each student. 

In addition to this, a learning management system even offers learners an option to utilize interactive features like threaded discussions, video conferencing, discussion forums, and much more. 

Companies also use LMS for crucial processes like employee training and onboarding. With a learning management system, employers train new hires and give them access to training materials across different devices.

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