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Issue Tracking

What is Issue Tracking?

When a project starts, you know that issues are bound to come in. Most of the issues are with tracking procedures. You need to achieve this through an issue tracking system where an app is used that records customer problems, feeds them through a journey, and makes it easier for customer support to view a timeline of the customer’s problem and eventually resolve it.

However, issue tracking doesn’t have to be accomplished through a software solution only. The two generally go hand in hand to bring out a solution. Issue tracking is most often used as a way to discover and resolve bugs in software or even a situation, so you’ll find issue tracking systems more prevalent in beta and alpha software. Issues that are brought to light can easily be forgotten when no easy solution is discovered. You need to know that when a customer stops responding, or your team is simply too busy to address the problem promptly, the issue is still unsolved. In all of these scenarios, a problem can slip through your system and resurface again later on. Thus, Issue tracking might become over-complicated. 

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