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Managing Time Tracking For Employees, Projects, And Tasks

An easy way to handle your employee’s productivity at the workplace

Time Clock For Attendance

A time clock to handle your employees’ in-time and out-time. Keep a track of breaks and time spent on the shift as well.

  • Track daily attendance with ease
  • Measure the productivity through time investment
Time Clock For Attendance

Task Timer Widget

A widget that works through all UBS platforms, sufficing your requirement of being reminded of tracking the time.

  • Start and stop the time clock from any window
  • Fluently create a new task according to the project
Task Timer Widget

Timesheets With Filters

Access your daily reports and check them based on tasks and projects your employees have worked on.

  • Get all the data for every employee in one place
  • Set dates, projects, and tasks to check the data
Timesheets With Filters

Accurate Resource Planning

A sheet with all the resources where you can keep a track of your employees and their ongoing tasks. Click on the messages icon, and you can CHAT as well.

  • A bird’s eye view of your team members and their ongoing tasks
  • A perfect link between CHAT to communicate
Accurate Resource Planning

Work-Log For Every Task

Check the number of hours an employee spent on a particular task and a project. You can also add discussion and comments here.

  • See, when and how an employee has been working
  • Add the work log manually, in case you forget to add it
Work-Log For Every Task

List / Chart View For Reports

You can have different ways to present or download your report data from the time tracking platform.

  • A pictorial representation of the data for better understanding
  • Filter it on the basis of dates and days
List / Chart View For Reports

Time Tracking Steps

Clock In/Clock Out
Pay Schedule
Project-wise Tracking
Pay Schedule
Work Log Data
Pay Schedule
Timer Widget
Pay Schedule
Resource Planning
Pay Schedule
Reports And Analytics
Pay Schedule

We Also Offer

Best Features From The Best Time Tracking Tool

Work Log

Keep track of when a particular team member has worked on the task.

EOD Reports

Get reports with everyday tasks that an employee has worked upon.

Attendance Management

Check the daily Clock In And Clock Out Time Of An employee

Work Diary

Get your employees’ system tracked with constant screenshots.

Leave management

Apply for leave on the basis of your work time and project schedule.

Resource planning

Ease to check the availability and nonavailability of team members.

Why Do You Need Time Tracking In Your Company?

Each company has its particular requirements when it comes to time tracking software. When you come to the ultimate time tracker by UBS, you will witness the indispensable features mentioned above.

These functions streamline work processes and help you optimize workflow. When choosing a timekeeping tool for your team, take a closer look at the benefits that you must take into consideration.

Moreover, it is not just about having the data. You can start using this data to inculcate careful analytics to make the right conclusions and decisions.

Summarized and accurately presented, time tracking data reveals the full picture of our time expenses, performance, and workday breakdown.

This data and analytics help an employer understand possible weak points of the team and thus, properly implemented solutions can increase productivity and efficiency.

Payroll Software to an HRs Aid

Benefits of Time Tracking

Accuracy in Every calculation
Clear And Accurate Tracking

With time tracking you have accurate and easily accessible data. With this data, you can filter it by various parameters and handle analytics.

Accuracy in Every calculation
Trace And Track The Data

Time tracking data can be quickly reviewed and summarized in the report. This way, it can easily be used for analytics to verify the costs or time expenses.

Accuracy in Every calculation
A Better Estimation Techniques

Set deadlines and check them with actual results! This estimate can be used to make plans and strategies more accurate.

Accuracy in Every calculation
Planning For Future Workloads

Accurate time tracking data helps you to recognize and prevent unexpected time leaks, workflow bottlenecks, and overstaffing or understaffing problems.

Accuracy in Every calculation
Accurate Billing, And Payroll Data

Having exact data on how much time has been spent on the project helps avoid the common problem of under-billing customers.

Accuracy in Every calculation
Time-Saving And Increased Productivity

Analytics and reports can help you handle the estimations of tasks and how to move forward accordingly. Make plans before-handedly and increase productivity.

Are You Facing Any Such Troubles With Time Tracking?

Check out UBS All-In-One to have an easy-to-handle time tracking module!

What Our Client Says

We are glad to be a reason for the smiles we put on our client's faces

Krunal Vaghasiya

Krunal Vaghasiya

Tatvam Cloud Solutions CEO

I think UBS is an exciting platform with a company that has forward-thinking and built around objectives. It is very much a part of their working culture. It has been a great experience using the software developed by them. We have been using it for the last three months for our project management, and let me tell you, productivity has definitely been on a surge to growth.

Jatin Lathiya

Jatin Lathiya

16 Pixel CEO

Increasing productivity and helping us manage employees better. Keeping an eye on what the team works on has never been easier.

Maulik Vora

Maulik Vora

Zluck Solutions CEO

Quick, Easy & Clutter-free

UBS is the best app that we ever used to manage our team, It’s very easy to use. The ability to view real-time resources allocation is the most loved feature in my organization.

Mitul Golakiya

Mitul Golakiya

Infyom Technologies CEO

All in one Communication tool you need.

We are not able to think of any other tool once we moved to UBS. It made our day to day communications and project management so easy.

Alpesh Gediya

Alpesh Gediya

Telstra India Chapter Lead

I absolutely love how innovative and efficient this software has been. With a number of changes and upgrades coming our way, it has been a pleasure to understand and use this software.


Connecting People. Optimizing Process. Enhancing Performance.

What is the meaning of time tracking?

Time tracking software is a tool used to record the working hours of an employee. It is then used to accurately calculate the compensation and provide salary to them.

How do you track time?

There are different methods to track the time of your employees. However, tracking it with the help of a time tracking software or a project management system is an absolute time-saver.

How can I track my daily time?

UBS All-In-One comes with a time tracker that helps you clock in and clock out. It also, helps you create projects, tasks, and subtasks. This section can be tracked as well with the help of this time tracker.

Why do we need time tracking?

We need time tracking software to handle our project and the absolute time delivery on the pre-mentioned due date. It also helps in tracking down productivity through the reports.

How to use a time tracking software?

There are different time tracking apps available in the market, integrated with project management software, or even an HRMS to help you track the time for the task you have been working on. Check out UBS All-In-One for one such effective time tracking software!

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