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Upward Mobility

What is Upward Mobility?

Upward Mobility is the term used to measure the frequency a person changes their socioeconomic status. In the Human Resource Department, upward mobility refers to the rate at which the employees advance to new roles, upcoming opportunities, and more suitable compensation. This advancement may involve:

  • promotions that offer career growth
  • The entire change in designation or occupation that is beneficial for a person’s career growth.

Upward mobility is the chance for employees to advance to the next stage of more increased responsibilities. Employee potential in an organization is increased by it. The retention of employees is greatly influenced by the upward mobility program. This program’s objective is to give underdeveloped and underutilized resources in a company the required training and opportunity for advancement. These are the workers whose skills are underutilized and whose talent requires further guidance and training. The McDonald’s co. work process is a fantastic illustration of a powerful Upward Mobility program. The corporation fully utilizes the skill set of its resources and trains and employs managers from within.

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