1 Solution For 10 Challenges of Manual Payroll Calculations

What is Manual Payroll Calculation?

Wastes Time

This is the biggest problem with manual payroll computation. Even in startups and small businesses, HR managers struggle to calculate employees’ payroll. When it comes to large companies, the struggles are even more.


It is no news that data related to payroll and employees should be stored as well as managed systematically. 

Data Management Issues


As we mentioned earlier, payroll-related data should always be kept away from the wrong hands. They are the most sensitive information of any business, be it small or large.

Security Concerns


Let’s face the fact that humans are prone to making mistakes. No matter how much effort an HR manager puts in and attention s/he pays, errors are just inevitable while calculating manually.

 Human Errors


Manual payroll calculations are all about checking and re-checking. 

No Remote Accessibility


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