8 Components You Need To Look For In An HR Management Software

What Is HR Management Software?

HRMS is also known as human resources  management system. As the name suggests, it’s a kind of HR management  system that’s designed to manage, computerize and digitize this  department’s processes.

Components of An HR Management Software


Application Tracking

An Applicant Tracking software, also known as an Applicant tracking system is used to enhance the recruitment process.


Employee Onboarding

Onboarding is a process that requires an  error-free process with easy to manage and judge the readiness and  performance of the new hire.


Performance Management

Aligning employees’ interests in the  company is a broader and continuous approach that requires the process  of goal setting, implementation, reviewing, tracking, and evaluating the  results.


Employee Training And Development

A software that can help HR admins supervise and manage employee training programs.


Employee Management

Business needs to be inevitable when it comes to handling challenges in employee management.


Time Sheet Management

Get a record of employee performances within the organization. A timesheet will give you working hours to measure productivity.


Leave Management

Prioritizing leave requests and ensuring  proper availability of employees at the workplace gives you  transparency at the workplace.



Human interventions can cause errors in payroll at times. You can have an HRMS integrated with PAYROLL to have accuracy in the salary calculations.

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