Biometric Attendance System and its Benefits

Biometric Attendance System and its Benefits

What is a biometric attendance system?

A biometric attendance system is used to verify the identity of a person as well as collect their clock in/out data.

Types of Biometric System

1. Fingerprint

2. Facial

3. Vein Pattern

4. Iris

5. Aadhar Card

6. Voice

7. RFID ID Card

Advantages of Biometric Attendance Software

- Easy to use & install

- Highly secured

- Prevent inaccurate time-ins

- Accurate Records

- Time efficient

- Easy Integration

- PTO tracking compliance software

Now UBS is giving fingerprint attendance training, or even face recognition software for biometrics, this is all-in-one HR management system.

Access the Benefits of the Best Biometric Attendance System