Payroll Process

What is Payroll? An All-in-One Guide to Payroll Processing

What Is Payroll Software?

It is a cloud-based service that aids in automating, maintaining, and managing employee salary payments.

Stage 1 – Pre-payroll Activities

Steps Involved in Payroll Processing

Stage 3 – Post-payroll Activities

Stage 2 – Actual Payroll

Stage 1 – Pre-payroll Activities

 Employee Onboarding

Defining Payroll Policies

Gather Employee Inputs

Validating Employee Inputs

Calculate Payroll

Stage 2 – Actual Payroll

Stage 3 – Post-payroll Activities

Statutory Compliance

Payroll Accounting



Payroll Management Process Challenges Faced by Organizations

Staying Up-to-date with Compliance

Lack of flexibility

Spreadsheet complications

Data security

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